Create an OpenBSD port.
Create a FreeBSD port. Done.
Create Ubuntu packages.
Volunteer to help code ScatterChat v3.0 (v2.0 is already in its release-candidate phase).
Fix Jabber encryption support.
Add dmalloc support to libgcrypt.
Create a USB-drive Windows distro so that ScatterChat doesn’t require any installing.


Volunteer as a language translator (Chinese, Farsi, and Arabic are especially needed).
Test the internationalization support (especially the Chinese and Arabic languages).
Get your friends to use ScatterChat.
Find human rights activists in your area and tell them about Scatter Chat. Train them, if you can.
Volunteer as a beta-tester.
Proofread the user’s guide.
Make your mom read the user’s guide, find out what confuses her, and fix it.
Design a new splash image.
Find someone who can do any of the above.

Please contact the project maintainer to coordinate.