ScatterChat allows you to set up a secure channel with another ScatterChat user so that encrypted messages can be exchanged. It also verifies that you are indeed talking to the person you think you are, and not an impostor.

ScatterChat includes integrated support for Tor so that communication can be anonymized.

Below is a table that shows the current support for encrypted messaging and encrypted file transfers:

Protocol Message Encryption Support File Encryption Support
AOL Yes No
Yahoo! Yes No
MSN Yes Yes
Jabber Coming soon Coming soon

ScatterChat uses 2048-bit ElGamal and 1024-bit DSA for encryption setup and authentication. For each new conversation, ScatterChat generates a new 256-bit AES message key, a 256-bit SHA-1 HMAC key, a 256-bit nonce, and a 256-bit AES file transfer key. It is immune to replay attacks, supports Perfect Forward Secrecy, and features limited message deniability properties. More technical details can be found here.

ScatterChat’s encryption code is split away from Gaim so that it can be used in other projects. Any one-to-one communications mechanism can be secured including most client/server systems and VoIP systems (anyone interested in starting a new secure open-source VoIP project should contact me ASAP!). Currently this encryption code only has an stdin/stdout interface, but a shared library interface is under development.