There are many things that you can do to help this project! Below is a list of technical and non-technical things that will make a difference.


  • Create an OpenBSD port.
  • Create a FreeBSD port. Done.
  • Create Ubuntu packages.
  • Volunteer to help code ScatterChat v3.0 (v2.0 is already in its release-candidate phase).
  • Fix Jabber encryption support.
  • Add dmalloc support to libgcrypt.
  • Create a USB-drive Windows distro so that ScatterChat doesn't require any installing.


  • Volunteer as a language translator (Chinese, Farsi, and Arabic are especially needed).
  • Test the internationalization support (especially the Chinese and Arabic languages).
  • Get your friends to use ScatterChat.
  • Find human rights activists in your area and tell them about Scatter Chat. Train them, if you can.
  • Volunteer as a beta-tester.
  • Proofread the user's guide.
  • Make your mom read the user's guide, find out what confuses her, and fix it.
  • Design a new splash image.
  • Find someone who can do any of the above.

Please contact the project maintainer to coordinate.